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Alyssa Allgood - Exactly Like You

Amazonics - All the Love

Arianna Neikrug - Changes

Cassandra Beck - Down to Earth

Emily Cufone - In This Moment

Emmaline - Old Soul Love

Evelyn Laurie - A Little Bit of Me

Greta Panettieri - With Love

Janet Evra - Ask Her to Dance

Jo Lawry - The Bathtub and the Sea

Suzi Woods - New Fiction

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A connection to the internet is required. Although there are many options; here are some suggestions:

direct link to the stream

Little dropouts belong to the unfortunately not flawlessly worldwide internet infrastructure.

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1.    Longtail Music

2.    Tunein

3.    Streema

4.    MyTuner

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station info

Virginiamusic has unique radio-imaging. It’s important for the station, to give the created musical atmosphere a human mirror. The music as a person. Virginia is this imaginary character who contains behavior and interests of the listeners, the musicians and the creators of the radiostation together. Must be  :-)

The station started in 2007 with a closed internet-channel. In september 2010, it was made publicly accessible. First a composition with pop, soul, lounge and jazz. From early 2014 the music became vocal jazz only.

Virginiamusic is founded and being composed by Johan Verstraten, a radio dj in the eighties, who continued with an education and career in health care.

who is who

Alexandra - Portuguese voice

Angelique - Greek voice

Ekaterina - Russian voice

Evelien - French voice

Fanny - music advisor

Florianne - French voice

If you want to make a link to Virginiamusic on your website, you can use this file. Click the image and download the linked file. You are free to resize it to a usable format.

Jeffrey - Station advisor

Johan - Music composer

Judi - British voice

Laura - Spanish voice

Lynda - American voice

Marlène - German voice

station ID

The station-identity starts with one simple question: 

“What is special about our listeners?” 

It is all that matters. A short  impression:


Trekstation’s station Virginiamusic broadcasts from Toronto, Canada. The stream is licensed by SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) under tarring code 22f. Stream-url: