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Aimée Allen - Wings Uncaged

Candice Reyes Quintet - Your Way

Kelly Green Trio - Volume One (feat. Alex Tremblay & Evan Hyde)

Lyn Stanley - London Calling; A Toast to Julie London

Rosa Passos - Amanhã Vai Ser Verão

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station info

Virginiamusic has unique radio-imaging. It’s important for the station, to give the created musical atmosphere a human mirror. The music as a person. Virginia is this imaginary character who contains behavior and interests of the listeners, the musicians and the creators of the radiostation together. Must be  :-)

The station started in 2007 with a closed internet-channel. In september 2010, it was made publicly accessible. First a composition with pop, soul, lounge and jazz. From early 2014 the music became vocal jazz only.

Virginiamusic is founded and being composed by Johan Verstraten, a radio dj in the eighties, who continued with a career in health care.

who is who

Alexandra - Portuguese voice

Angelique - Greek voice

Ekaterina - Russian voice

Evelien - French voice

Fanny - music advisor

Florianne - French voice

If you want to make a link to Virginiamusic on your website, you can use this file. Click the image and download the linked file. You are free to resize it to a usable format.

Jeffrey - Station advisor

Johan - Music composer

Judi - British voice

Laura - Spanish voice

Lynda - American voice

Marlène - German voice

station ID

The station-identity starts with one simple question: 

“What is special about our listeners?” 

It is all that matters. A short  impression:


Trekstation’s Virginiamusic broadcasts from Toronto, Canada. The stream is licensed by SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) under tarring code 22f. Stream-url:

Added in 2018


Aimée Allen - Wings Uncaged

Candice Reyes Quintet - Your Way

Kelly Green Trio - Volume One (feat. Alex Tremblay & Evan Hyde)

Lyn Stanley - London Calling; A Toast to Julie London

Rosa Passos - Amanhã Vai Ser Verão



Bobbie Gentry - The Girl From Chickasaw County - The Complete Capitol Masters

Eloise Laws - Secrets

Heleen van den Hombergh - Blue Lifeblood

Isabella Lundgren - Hit The Road To Dreamland

Nori - Bruise Blood

Papik - Cocktail Italy, Vol. 1 (Papik Presents)

Robyn Hayle - So Much for Good Behaviour

Sheila Gordon - Real Life (Live) [Ft. Keith Brown, Rusty Holloway, Larry Vincent & Alice Carroll]

The Spinshots - Never so Right; West Side



Aubrey Logan - I Feel the Earth Move

Holly Cole - Holly

Karen Lynn Gorney - Hot Moonlight!

Laura Koestinger Y El Club Del Algodón - All of Me

Marchio Bossa - Come in un quadro

Solitaire Miles - The Chicago Jazztets

Susie Arioli - Spring (2015)

Yaala Ballin - Symphony, Song, Swing (Live)



Ada Bird Wolfe - Birdie

Barbara Mendes - Barbara Mendes Sings Roberto Menescal

Elizabeth Shepherd - Montréal

Katharine McPhee - Live on Soundstage

Louisa Revolta - Songs for My Granma

Lyn Stanley - The Moonlight Sessions, Vol. Two (2017)

San Glaser - The Great Grand Hotel

Simone Kopmajer - Daydreaming

Susan Hanlon - I Am a Warrior

Vanessa Paradis - Les sources

Victoria Bailey & The Jazz Cats - I Was Singing

Zaz - Effet miroir



Alyssa Allgood - Exactly Like You

Amazonics - All the Love

Arianna Neikrug - Changes

Cassandra Beck - Down to Earth

Emily Cufone - In This Moment

Emmaline - Old Soul Love

Evelyn Laurie - A Little Bit of Me

Greta Panettieri - With Love

Janet Evra - Ask Her to Dance

Jo Lawry - The Bathtub and the Sea

Suzi Woods - New Fiction



The Amazing Keystone Big Band - We Love Ella

Bossanaire - Holiday!

Christina Watson - So This Is Love

Great Aunt Ruth & the Saucy Cats - All About the Music in Your Heart

Karin Krog - On A Misty Night

Karin Plato - This Could Be the One

The Rongetz Foundation - Alphabet City Music Club

Simone Morris - Settling Up



April M Clark - Shouting into the Wind

Barbra Lica - You're Fine

Champian Fulton - The Stylings of Champian

Deanne Matley - Because I Loved

Diane Marie - 'Round Midnight

Ida Sand - My Soul Kitchen (With Stockholm Underground)



Ann Hampton Callaway - Jazz Goes To The Movies

Barbara Morrison - I Wanna Be Loved

Dean Grech & Stephanie Patton - Mystery of Love

Hook Turn Orchestra - Jazz and the Silver Screen

Janet Seidel - You Are There

Lauren Henderson - Riptide

The Rongetz Foundation - Alphabet City Music Club



Belô Velloso - The Old Fashioned Way

Karla Harris - Certain Elements

Kate Fuller & the Boys Club - I Like Men

Lorraine Feather - Math Camp

Tessa Souter - Picture in Black and White

Vira Talisa - Down in Vieux Cannes



Amy Baker - Get Happy

Cécile McLorin Salvant - The Window

Judith Lorick - The Second Time Around

LaVon Hardison - There Will Be Trouble

Madeline Edwards - Killin Me

Nicola Farnon - In My Own Words...

Sant Andreu Jazz Band - Jazzing 8 Vol. 2



Amy McConnell & William Sperandei - Stealing Genius

Evelien Storm - Little Lights

Fleur Seule - Swing Around the World

Macy Gray - Ruby

Suzanna Smith - Halfway Between Heaven & Love

Winterplay - Songs of Coloured Love

Winterplay - Two Fabulous Fools



Hannah Baiardi - The Quietest Place

Jill Rogers - Happy as a King

Laura Lizcano - Chance on Me (Live)

Lucia Jackson - You and the Night and the Music

The SWR Big Band Ft. Fola Dada - Live at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg



Aimée Allen - Wings Uncaged

Cecil L. Recchia - The Gumbo

Chaise Lounge - Chaise Lounge with the Pan American Symphony Orchestra

Kat Gang - Come Closer

Tia Brazda - Daydream

Zaz - Qué vendrá



Andrea Superstein - Nouveau

Carmen Gomes - Carmen Gomes Sings

Daryl Sherman - Lost in a Crowded Place

Esther Kaiser - Songs of Courage

Esther Phillips - The Essential Esther Phillips - The KUDU Years

Joan Osborne & Bebel Gilberto - Work on Me

Lisa Ekdahl - I Know You Love Me (Ft. Ibrahim Maalouf)

Madeleine Peyroux - Anthem

Nancy Erickson - Here & Now (Live) (Ft. 200 Trio & Alex Dugdale)

Renae Suttie - Renae Suttie Sings the Brian Ford Songbook, Vol. I (Live)

Rolanda - Vida

Teresa Broadwell - Just We


Aga Czyż - A.

Allegra Levy - Looking at the Moon (Ft. Carmen Staaf, Alex Goodman & Tim Norton)

Alyson Murray - Breathe

Amanda Ginsburg - Jag har funderat på en sak

Angelina Jordan - It's Magic (Ft. Forsvarets Stabsmusikkorps)

Anka Koziel - Slightly Odd

Anna Buturlina - Be Careful <Music>

Anna Kolchina - Wild Is The Wind

Anna Luna - Urubú

Anne Bisson - Four Seasons in Jazz Live at Bernie's

Anne Lewis - Expressions

Anne Schnell & Jojo Effect - May I Think of You

Annette Gregory - Annette Gregory Celebrates Ella Fitzgerald

Annie Sellick - Big Big Time - The Songs of Tom Sturdevant, Vol. 2

Ashley Chanel - #Rightnow

Aya Ishida - Day by Day

Barbara Jean - Cool

Barbara Jean - It's Love

Basia - Butterflies

Beady Belle - Dedication

Beatriz Nunes - Canto Primeiro

BiiJ - Oh Silly Me

Brittany Purdy - Welcome to Sazaraz

Cait and the Critters - Cat'n Around

Caloé - Soleil d'hiver

Camille Thurman - Waiting for the Sunrise

Carla Van Blake - Land of Enchantment (Ft. Arlen Asher)

Carol Saboya - Carolina

Caroline Cotter - Home on the River

Cassandre McKinley - Dragonfly

Catfish Row - Plays Gershwin

Cesaria Evora - Carnaval de Mindelo

Chris Connor - Did You Ever

Chrissy Gardner - Alabaster Room

Christine Hitt - Magical Kite

Clara Floc - Me Ha Olvidado

Clare Sands - Join Me at the Table

Claudia Schmidt - Hark the Dark

Clea Bradford - …NOW.png

Cosmo Alleycats - The Cosmo Alleycats

Cyrille Aimee - Cyrille Aimée Live

Dana Marcine - To the Horizon

Dannah Garay - Cuenta Conmigo (Ft. Oscar Stagnaro)

Daphné - Iris Extatis

Dara Tucker - Dara Tucker Live

Deana Martin - Memories Are Made of This

Deana Martin - Volare

Debbie Cunningham - A Million Kisses

Debbie Kirkland - Coming from Blue

Debby Yeager - Mood Swing (21st Anniversary Remastered)

Debby Yeager - Precocious

Debora Galán - All About Love

Deborah Stafford Quintet - Jazz at the Mansion (Live)

Dede and the Jazz Cats - Shadows

Dee Bell - Lins, Lennox, & Life

Denise King - Sings the Dance

Diana Bray - Deed I Do

Diana Hamilton - A Bahamian in Paris

Diana Panton - Pink

Diane Marino - Soul Serenade; The Gloria Lynne Project

Dolores Scozzesi - A Special Taste

Dolores Scozzesi - Here Comes the Sun

Duo Gadjo and their Hot Friends - Parlez moi d'amour

Elaine Da Silva - Nos Voz

Elif Çağlar - The Art of Time

Elisa Rodrigues - As Blue As Red

Elodie Lauton Quintette - Origines

Else Skogan - High Expectations

Ere Serrano - Aujourd'hui mon coeur

Ester Campos - Contornos (Jazzy)

Eva Cassidy - Songbird 20

Evelien Storm - The Great Illusion

Fay Baker - A Woman of a Certain Age

Fiammetta Ricci - Untold e controvento

Flora Martínez - Flores para Frida

Florencia Rusiñol - Florencia Rusiñol

Gabriele Tranchina - Of Sailing Ships and the Stars in Your Eyes

Gabrielle Chiararo - Night and Day Music for Cocktails Jazz Bossa '80-'90 Hits

Gal Dorado - Volar

Gayle Kolb - Getting Sentimental

Grace Blackford - Home

Gretchen and the Pickpockets - Falling Rising

Hailey Tuck - Alcohol

Hailey Tuck - Cry to Me

Hailey Tuck - Junk

Herbie Hancock - River; The Joni Letters (Expanded Edition)

Ida Landsberg - Jazz Sessions

Indra Rios-Moore - Carry My Heart

Inger Marie Gundersen - Feels Like Home

J - J for Jazz

Jacqueline Tabor - The Lady in the Gown

Jamie Shew - Eyes Wide Open

Jamille Jam Hunter - Sassy's Return; The SV Project

Janet Planet & John Harmon - Da Capo

Janine Gilbert-Carter - My Foolish Heart

Janne Schra - OK

Jazzville - Blue Skies

Jennifer Gammill - Heart, Soul & Fire

Jennifer Lee and the Ever-Expanding Universe - My Shining Hour

Jennifer Warnes - Another Time, Another Place

Jill Usdan - Numbers

JiLL-Decoy Association, - JiLL-Decoy DUO, Mari Mizuno -  [Zinger]

Joan Chamorro - Joan Chamorro Presenta Joan Codina

Joan Penney - I've Got That Feeling

Joanna Wallfisch - Blood and Bone

Joanne Tatham - The Rings of Saturn

Joel Evans - As Heard On Film & TV

Joycé Moreno - 50

Judy Niemack - New York Stories (Ft. Jim McNeely & The DRBB)

Judy Rafat - Pure Inspiration

Julia Rich - I'll Take Romance

Julie Benko - Introducing Julie Benko

Juliet Varnedoe - Undecided

Karmen Rõivassepp Quartet - Dance of Sounds

Kat Drake & The Rah Band - Bluetown

Kat Edmonson - Old Fashioned Gal

Katarina Jältfors - Blame It on My Youth

Kate McGarry, Keith Ganz & Gary Versace - The Subject Tonight Is Love

Kate Reid - The Heart Already Knows

Kathleen Saadat - Love for Sale (With Pink Martini & Thomas Lauderdale)

Kathy Kosins - Uncovered Soul  

Katie Birtill - Baby, Dream Your Dream

Kerrin Perkins - London by Night

Kim Hoorweg - The Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Kim Weston - The Minor

Kristin Asbjørnsen - Traces of You

Kristina Koller - Perception

Lack Of Afro - Jack of All Trades

Laila Biali - Got to Love

Lanah Koelle - Straight up Sassafras

Lara Tupper - This Dance

Laura Benvenuti - Un'idea

Laura Taglialatela - The Glow

Laura Valle - Perlas

Laura Valle - Vos y Yo

Lauren Henderson - Ármame

Ligia Piro - Love

Lisa Craze - November Daisy

Lisa Steele - Demo Sessions

Lolo Gervais - Queen of Fcking Sheba

Lori Carsillo - A Dream or Two

Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats - All the Sounds

Madeleine Peyroux - Anthem

Maggie Herron - A Ton of Trouble

Malia - Ripples (Echoes of Dreams)

Margherita Rinaldi - Cristal Liquido

Margo Rey - The Roots of Rey | Despacito Margo

Maria De La Vega & the Wayward Five - Here's to Life

Mariah Hortans - Let's Blame Spring

Marie Modiano - Pauvre chanson

Marie So - City of Lights

Marie So - Si tu cessais de m'aimer

Marilyn Chirinos - Fugaz

Marina and the Dreamboats - Marina and the Dreamboats

Marty Elkins - Fat Daddy

Mary Ann Moore - Good For What Ails Ya kopie

Mary Coughlan - Live & Kicking

Mary Lowe - Jazz Diva

Melissa Tham 谈润苹 & The Jeremy Monteiro Band - Remembering Teresa

Melody Gardot - Live in Europe

Minus 8 - Never Again

Molly Johnson - Inner City Blues

Molly Johnson - Meaning To Tell Ya

Molly Tentarelli - Molly Tentarelli

Monika Ryan - Now

Moon - Kiss Me

Nancy Harrow - Partners

Nara Couto - Contipurânia

Natascha & the Spy Boys - ...That's the Hardest Part

Nicki Parrott - Close To You - Burt Bacharach Song Book

Nicki Parrott - Stompin' At The Savoy

Nicola Conte & Spiritual Galaxy - Let Your Light Shine On

Nicole Saphos - Buzz & Bloom

Nicole Saphos - Tiptoe

Nina Simone - Mood Indigo; The Complete Bethlehem Singles

Nostalgia 77 - Fifteen (Best Of)

Ofelia del Rosal - Começar de Novo

Olivia Foschi - Fleeting Windows

Papik - Little Songs for Big Elevators

Patricia Thompson - Its Only Natural

Polly Gibbons - Bang Bang

Rachel Caswell - We're All in the Dance

Raquel Caldwell - High Wire

Rebecca Hardiman - Rain Sometimes

Renate Reich Fivetett - Devil May Care (Ft. Thomas Palme)

Renate Reich Fivetett - So Full of Life

Rita Reys - Collected

Roberta Donnay & the Prohibition Mob Band - My Heart Belongs to Satchmo

Robin Mckelle - Melodic Canvas

Rondi Charleston - Resilience kopie

Rosalia De Souza - Tempo

Rosey - Be Somebody Blues

Roxanne Burns and the Gentlemen - Roxanne Burns and the Gentlemen

Sandra Nankoma - Ye'nze

Sant Andreu Jazz Band - Jazzing 8 Vol. 1

Sarah Eyden - Love Is in the Room

Sarah M. Greer - What the Music Says Do

Sazz Leonore - Fallen

Şenay Lambaoğlu - Rüyalarıma Gir

Shailah Edmonds - Happiness

Shailah Edmonds - My Baby Just Cares for Me

Sheila Waterfield - Every Sunrise

Shirley Crabbe - Bridges

Shirley Horn - Shirley Horn With Friends

Sidecar Social Club - Mystery Island

Simone Kopmajer - Spotlight on Jazz

Stefanie Boltz - The Door

Stephanie K. - A Word Before You Go

Stephanie Patton - A Breath of Spring

Sunny Wilkinson - Into the Light

Susan Wong - Close To You Remake 2017 MQGCD

Susannah Adams - As the Morning Light

Suzi Woods - New Fiction

Sy Smith - Sometimes a Rose Will Grow in Concrete

Sylvia Bennett - C'est Magnifique

Sylvia Bennett - I Wish You Love

Tamuz Nissim - Echo of a Heartbeat

Tarryn Aimée - Blue Skies

Tatiana Ladymay Mayfield - The Next Chapter

Tavares-Mocha - Good To Be Yours; Christine Tavares-Mocha Sings the John Morell Songbook

The Edukated Fleas - It Had to Be Uke

The Fliss Gorst Band - The Place for Me

The Manhattan Transfer - The Junction

The Susan Krebs Chamber Band - Spring; Light out of Darkness

Theo Lee - Self Portrait

Tiffany Austin - Nothing But Soul kopie

Tiffany Austin - Unbroken

Tiffany Pollack & Co. - Comes Love

Tutu Puoane & Brussels Jazz Orchestra - We Have a Dream

Various Artists - Sound of Jazz

Veronneau - Love and Surrender

Virginia Feu Rosa - Eu Gosto Mais do Rio (How About You)

Vivian Lee - Let's Talk About Love

Wanda Sá - Swingueira

We3 - We'll Meet Again

Wendy Jo Bradshaw - For My Dad