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    Danni Leigh - Walkin' on a Wire

    Elise Davis - Moonflower

    Elles Bailey - Shining in the Half Light

    Grey Delisle - Toenail Soup

    Kenny and Amanda Smith - All I Need

    Michaela Anne - Oh To Be That Free

    Rachel Brooke - True Love Will Find You In The End

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    Added in 2022


    Danni Leigh - Walkin' on a Wire

    Elise Davis - Moonflower

    Elles Bailey - Shining in the Half Light

    Grey Delisle - Toenail Soup

    Kenny and Amanda Smith - All I Need

    Michaela Anne - Oh To Be That Free

    Rachel Brooke - True Love Will Find You In The End


    Alice Di Micele - Every Seed We Plant

    Becky Kapell - In It to Win It

    Casey Noel - Playing God

    Corn Nut Creek - Trails of Truth

    Elles Bailey - Shining in the Half Light

    Fanny Lumsden - Fallow & Variations

    Jetty Road - Here We Go

    Shaela Miller - Tidal Wave

    Shania Twain - I AM WOMAN - Shania Twain


    Amber Lawrence - Fill It Up

    Deana Carter - I AM WOMAN - Deana Carter

    Dolly Parton - Run, Rose, Run

    Jade Marie Patek - T Is for TX

    Jenny Tolman - Married in a Honky Tonk


    Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

    Donna Ulisse - Livin' Large

    Erin Enderlin - I'd Do It Different

    Lauren Morrow - Alabama

    The Po' Ramblin' Boys - Ramblin' Woman

    Shelby Lynne - I Am Shelby Lynne

    Trousdale - What Happiness Is

    Véronique Labbé - Honky Tonk Bar


    Bailey Bigger - You, Somehow

    Brennen Leigh - Obsessed With The West

    Emily Miller - They Say

    Erika Lewis - Loser

    Hailey Steele - Sad Champagne

    Heather Normandale - Raven

    Jade Brodie - Open Roads

    Kate Ellis - Spirals

    Lavender Country - Blackberry Rose

    Payton Howie - Youngblood

    Pineola - Star Lake

    Rhyan Sinclair - Where I'll Be Found

    Sandra Piller - Kill 'em with Kindness

    Sarah Borges - Together Alone

    Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - Nightroamer


    Allison Moorer - Wish for You

    Gina Leslie - No, You're Crying

    Kora Naughton - Till We Drop

    Kristi Kalyn - HonkyTonks & Heartaches, Volume 1

    Leyla McCalla - Vini Wè

    Maya de Vitry - Violet Light

    Priscilla Block - Welcome To The Block Party

    Sara Dufour - J't'un pro du bac brun


    Amanda Cook - Another Highway this Time

    Ann-Marita - Geography

    EmiSunshine - Diamonds

    Erin Rae - Lighten Up

    Jessica Lynn - Better Than That

    Kate MacLeod - Uranium Maiden

    Kimmi Bitter - Highway Hustler

    Kristy Cox - Shades of Blue

    Laura Aston - The Calm Before the Storm

    Low Lily - Round of Blues

    Mary Lee's Corvette - The Sound of the Sea

    Melanie Dyer - Cheap Moscato

    Molly Tuttle - Crooked Tree


    Anaïs Mitchell - Anaïs Mitchell

    Deborah Allen -  The Best You've Never Heard Vol. 1

    Heather Sarona - Head Above Water

    Maddie & Tae - Through The Madness Vol. 1

    Monarch Cast - The Card You Gamble (Main Theme From Monarch)

    Morgan Wade - Reckless (Deluxe Edition)

    Roxi Copland - House of the Rising Sun

    Sad Daddy -  Way Up In The Hills

    Sierra Ferrell - Hey Me, Hey Mama


    Abby Anderson - Insecure

    Alli Walker - Maybe I'm Still Drunk

    Amanda Rheaume - The Spaces In Between

    Anna Ash - Sleeper

    Aoife O'Donovan - Age of Apathy

    Erinn Peet Lukes - Country Music Breaks My Heart

    Georgia Box - New Tricks

    The Gina Furtado Project - It Won't Be Me

    Janis Ian - The Light at the End of the Line

    Katie Ainge - Still Alive

    Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - It Doesn't Change Anything

    Tenille Townes - When's It Gonna Happen

    The Whitmore Sisters - Ghost Stories


    Anais Mitchell - On Your Way (Felix Song)

    Dolly Parton - Big Dreams and Faded Jeans

    Eliza Gilkyson - Songs from the River Wind

    Elles Bailey - The Game

    Hailey Whitters - Everything She Ain_t

    Jaelee Roberts - You Can't Stop Me from Staying

    Kenny and Amanda Smith - Everything to Me

    Kristy Cox - Appalachian Blue

    Mary Heather Hickman - Baptist Parking Lot

    Sad Daddy - Way Up In The Hills

    Sophie & The Broken Things - Delusions of Grandeur


    Heather Sarona - I'll Be Lost

    Kate Ellis - Scars

    Rosita Kèss - The Life I Used to Live

    Ruthie Collins - Cold Comfort +


    Bobby Dove -  Hopeless Romantic

    Haley Mae Campbell - Champagne Problem

    Kelsey Waldon - The Goldmine Archives

    Miranda Lambert - Y'all Means All (from Season 6 of Queer Eye)

    Moonalice - Woo Woo

    Added in 2021


    Ava Rowland - Ava Rowland

    Jennifer Daniels - Songs from The Locke Box

    Julie Fournier - Je suis femme

    Roberta Lea - Just A Taste

    Victoria Bailey - Rider In The Rain


    Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters - Perfect Word _ Only Just to Smile

    Colleen Duguay - Illuminé

    Emily West - I Want to Get Married

    Jennie Harluk - Just Like That

    Kate Vargas - Rumpumpo

    Leerone - The Lost Records, Vol. 1

    Lilly Hiatt - Lately

    Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - No Mistakes


    Alana Springsteen - History of Breaking Up (Part One)

    Annie Bosko - Honeysuckle Kiss

    Eliza Gilkyson - Wanderin'

    Katie Henry - On My Way

    Kayla Ray - Songs of Extreme Isolation, Economic Crisis, & Other Funny Things

    Kristen Kelly - Something Worth Saying, Pt 1

    Leah Turner - Lost In Translation

    Maggie Rose - Have a Seat

    Nikita Karmen - The Garden

    Stephanie Quayle - I Want the World for You


    Allie Colleen - Stones

    Ashland Craft - Travelin' Kind

    Jamie Lin Wilson - Just the Other Side of Nowhere

    Laci Kaye Booth - Laci Kaye Booth

    Miss Tess - Parlor Sounds

    Molly Tuttle - She'll Change

    Rhonda Vincent - Drivin' Nails In My Coffin (Simply Bluegrass)

    Sonny Casey - Phoebe

    Tigirlily - Tigirlily


    Bonner Black - Light Me Up

    Elles Bailey - Sunshine City EP

    Jenny Lewis - Puppy and a Truck

    Kelley Mickwee - You Used to Live Here

    Kimmi Bitter - Broken Dreams

    Kristen Foreman - Crown and Coke

    Kristen Foreman - I Don't Cry in My Cowboy Hat (Pt. 1)

    Lynne Hanson - Shadowland

    MacKenzie Porter - Pickup

    The Petersens - Live Sessions, Vol. 04


    Allie Dunn - Good as Gone

    Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters - Eurydice / Lessons in Gravity

    Anick Gagnon - Country Town

    Caroline Jones - Antipodes

    Gina Jeffreys - My Old Friend

    Haunted Like Human - Tall Tales & Fables

    Jackson+Sellers - Breaking Point

    Karen Dalton - Something on Your Mind (Alternate Take)

    Katrina Burgoyne - The Next Big Thing

    Margo Price - Best Friends Make The Best Lovers

    Phoebe Hunt - Neither One Of Us Is Wrong


    Carley Arrowood - Letting Go Now

    Heather Anne Lomax - Candy Man

    Julie Durocher - Wild As A Wildcat

    Lockwood Barr - Adderall & Alcohol

    Margo Cilker - Pohorylle

    Renee Blair - Seventeen

    The Wolff Sisters - I Used To Be The One


    Emily Scott Robinson - American Siren

    Eryn Bent - Red

    Irene Kelley - Carolina Special

    Lilli Lewis - Americana

    Maddie Denton -  Playin' in This Town

    Maggie Savoie - Être ici on le peut

    Pauline Andrès - All Them Ghosts

    Shelly Jones Band - Proceed with Caution

    Shelly Rann - Afterwords

    Side Pony - Lucky Break

    Susan Cattaneo - Black and White


    Debra Lyn - Blue Sun Rises

    Donna Ulisse - Livin' Large in a Little Town

    Hayley Jensen - Breakin' Hearts

    Jenna Paulette - Country In The Girl

    Jenny Tolman - I Know Some Cowboys

    Jenny Tolman - There Goes the Neighborhood (Deluxe Edition)

    Kelley Mickwee - Let's Just Pretend (We're Holding Hands)

    Margo Cilker - That River

    Miranda Lambert - If I Was a Cowboy

    The Petersens - Hey, Grandpa

    Taylor Austin Dye - Water Me Down

    Tenille Arts - Girl to Girl

    Twin Kennedy - Homebound


    Cassadee Pope - Thrive

    Elles Bailey - Sunshine City

    Erin Enderlin - Barroom Mirrors EP

    Erin Rae - Modern Woman

    Linda Arseneault - Too many pairs of shoes

    Reba McEntire - Revived Remixed Revisited

    Sarah Ryder - Get Back


    Amanda Kate - Walk

    Angie K - Country Is as Country Does

    Chapel Hart - The Girls Are Back in Town

    Erika Lewis - In the Lowlands

    Jaelee Roberts - Something You Didn't Count On

    Jaelee Roberts - Still Waters

    Jaelee Roberts - Think Again

    Katie Thompson - Wildcard

    Miko Marks - Race Records


    Brandi Carlile - In These Silent Days

    Crandall Creek - Headed South

    Crandall Creek - Old Virginia Hills

    Debra Lyn - I Can't Remember To Forget You 15th Anniversary Edition (3D Immersive)

    Héra Ménard - Fleurs

    Katie Mae & the Lubrication - Yellow Medicine Hills

    Lisa Bastoni - Across the Great Divide

    Lynn Drury - Dancin' in the Kitchen

    Sarah Osborne - Autumn Sun


    Dianne Lindsay - Just Let Him Be

    Emily Scott Robinson - Let 'Em Burn

    Georgia State Line - In Colour

    Mickey Guyton - Remember Her Name

    Polythene Pam - Metaphors (For Fools)

    RaeLynn -  Baytown

    Samantha Fish - Faster

    Tekla Waterfield - New Skies

    Victoria Bailey - Queen Of The Rodeo


    Adia Victoria - A Southern Gothic

    Ana Egge - Between Us

    The Barefoot Movement - Pressing Onward

    Caitlin Jemma - True Meaning

    Carly Pearce - 29: Written In Stone

    Gretta Ziller - Judas Tree

    Leah Marie Mason - Hannah

    Mary Heather Hickman - Ouachita River

    The Petersens - Live Sessions, Vol. 03

    Side Pony - Heels (feat. Alice Wallace & Caitlin Cannon)

    Suzy Bogguss - Someday

    Teea Goans - All Over The Map


    Carrie Newcomer - Until Now

    Dori Freeman - Ten Thousand Roses

    Erin Enderlin - If There Weren't So Many Damn Songs (feat. Terri Clark)

    Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

    Kashena Sampson - Time Machine

    Kim Robins - Leave The Porch Light On

    Lee Ann Womack - Dusty Old Dust

    Lynne Hanson - Hold My Breath

    Mrs. Greenbird - Love Makes You Free

    Riddy Arman - Riddy Arman

    The Secret Sisters -  Dust Cain't Kill Me

    Suzy Bogguss - Journeys

    Valerie Smith - Renaissance

    Zelly - Mercy EP


    Belles - All Hat No Cowboy

    Carin Mari - Home

    Della Mae - Family Reunion

    Dori Freeman - Almost Home

    Kashena Sampson - Little Spot of Sun

    Kendall Elise - Let the Night In

    Kerri Watt - Bad Moon Rising

    Lesley Pike - Not One For Love Songs

    Mamma's Marmalade - Rabbit Analog

    Nellen Dryden - Standstill

    Pamela Rooney - Storms Never Last

    The Resonant Rogues - Straight to Tape at Bigtone Records

    Riddy Arman - Spirits, Angels, Or Lies

    Summer Dean - Bad Romantic


    Abby Lindsey - Flower Shop

    AJ Lee & Blue Summit - I'll Come Back

    Ariel Hutchins - Your Truck's Talk'n

    Camille Trail - River Of Sins

    Della Mae - Dry Town

    Dori Freeman - I Am

    The Dryes - Dolly Would

    Emily Rose - Wings

    Emily Scott Robinson - Cheap Seats

    Hannah White & The Nordic Connections - Down by the Station

    Jaime Wyatt - Need Shelter

    Jayne Denham - Wanted

    Karen Jonas - Summer Songs

    Lacy Nelson - Old Fashioned

    Leah Blevins - First Time Feeling

    Lyndsay Butler - Stalker Song

    Maddie Denton - Playin' in This Town

    Mercy Bell - Golden Child

    Raechel Whitchurch -  Finally Clear

    Rebecca Hickman - I'm Not Done Yet

    The Secret Sisters - Dust Cain't Kill Me

    Sierra Ferrell - Long Time Coming

    Summer Dean - Picket Fence

    Tekla Waterfield - Can't Have Me

    Wanda Jackson - Encore


    Ava Earl - The Roses

    Bri Bagwell - Heroes

    Ciara O'Neill - Le Soleil

    Cristina Vane - Nowhere Sounds Lovely

    Emily Daniels - Welcome to a Heartache

    Kerry Wallace - Keep Me in Your Show Me Heart

    Laura Love - Heart of Nat Turner

    Mercy Bell - Who Said We Were Friends

    Pony Hunt - VAR!

    Sierra Ferrell - Bells Of Every Chapel

    Valerie Smith - The Great I Am


    Anna Elizabeth Laube - Kisses

    Anya Hinkle - Eden and Her Borderlands

    Cowbell - Waiting For Yesterday

    Erin Enderlin - Somebody's Shot of Whiskey

    Irene Kelley - Wild Mountain Stream

    Lindsay Ellyn -  Queen of Nothing

    Riddy Arman - Half a Heart Keychain

    Summer Dean - Blue Jean Country Queen

    Tekla Waterfield - Come On Jane


    Brittney Spencer - Sober & Skinny

    Hannah Dasher - The Half Record

    Joy Oladokun - In defense of my own happiness (complete)

    Kate Taylor - He Caught The Katy

    Katie Toupin - Little Heart

    Kristen Foreman - I Hope Your Biscuits Burn

    Margo Cilker - Tehachapi

    Shaela Miller - Big Hair Small City

    SJ McDonald - How to Live


    Abigail Dowd - Beautiful Day

    Angela Autumn -  Frontiers Woman

    Bad Flamingo - Comes Easy to Me

    Marla Cannon-Goodman - Perfect Imperfections

    Raquel Cole - Think About You

    Yola - Starlight


    Holly Lerski & James 'Hutch' Hutchinson - Carmel / Mighty Big Sur

    Jennifer Nettles - Always Like New

    Lake & Lyndale - In the Nude Vol. 1

    Leah Blevins - Beautiful Disaster

    Lisa Bastoni - Backyard Birds

    Mikaela Finne - Outlaw Women

    The Onlies - The Onlies

    Rachel Garlin - The State That We Are In

    Sierra Ferrell - In Dreams

    Valerie Smith - I Found


    Amber Lawrence - Superheroes

    Amy Helm - What the Flood Leaves Behind

    Darby Sparkman - The Cabin at Ghost Gum Creek

    Emily Nenni - In the Mornin_

    Janet Simpson - Safe Distance

    K.C. Jones - Queen of the In Between


    Alisa Amador - Timing

    Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters - The Devil _ Rabbit

    Amy Neuenschwander - The Lies I Tell Myself

    Emily Hatton - Emily Hatton

    Hannah Juanita - Hardliner

    Jenny Don't And The Spurs - Fire on the Ridge

    Kaylee Elizabeth - Playing With Fire

    Rachel Baiman - Cycles

    Southern Avenue - Push Now

    Summer Dean - Can You Hear Me Knocking

    Note: (Hannah Juanita - Hardliner) Never happened before. Added all tracks from the album. What an insanely good album!


    Angela Autumn - Frontiers Woman

    Annie Keating - Bristol County Tides

    Bailey Callahan - The A & B Sides

    Emily Rose - Sunsets Are Pretty

    The Gina Furtado Project - Made Up My Mind

    Jeri Katherine Howell - Holding On

    Jessica Malone - No Matter What I Do

    Lauren O'Connell - Where Did Our Love Go

    Lucy Grubb - Waste My Time 

    The Petersens - Falling for You

    Sierra Ferrell - The Sea

    Suzie Ungerleider - My Name is Suzie Ungerleider

    Tristen - Aquatic Flowers

    Wilson Banjo Co. - Six Degrees of Separation


    Anya Hinkle - Why Women Need Wine

    Ashley McBryde - Never Will; Live From A Distance

    Jamie Drake - Reach Out

    Karo Laurendeau - De terre et d'asphalte

    Laurence Doire - Sunshine, toi & moi

    Lucy Grubb - Waste My Time

    Rhonda Vincent - Music Is What I See

    River Kittens - Soaking Wet

    Sarah Lake - Mercy of the Wind

    Shannon McNally - The Waylon Sessions

    Suzy Bogguss - Sunday Birmingham

    Teak - Handmade EP

    Tina Adair - Tina Adair


    Allison Russell - Outside Child

    Candi Carpenter - When the Asteroid Comes

    Faith Schueler - Getting Over You

    Good Lovelies - B-Sides

    Kinsey Rose - Honky Tonk Treasures

    Libby DeCamp - Westward and Faster

    Lindsay Ellyn - Queen of Nothing

    Rachel Eckroth - Rachel Eckroth

    Shannon McNally - This Time


    Rhonda Vincent - I Ain't Been Nowhere

    River Kittens - Trouble

    Senora May - All of My Love


    Anna Ash - I Was Just Your Evening

    Ashley Campbell - Highwayman

    Blue Cactus - Stranger Again

    Brooke Eden - Got No Choice

    Charlie Marie - Ramble On

    Grace Pettis - Working Woman

    Hannah Juanita - Love Like Yours

    Julia Cole - Julia Cole

    Lucy Grubb - You Don't Do Anything

    Maia Sharp - Mercy Rising

    Maria Muldaur & Tuba Skinny - Let's Get Happy Together

    Megan Ashley - American Summer

    Morgan Ashley - Back To Austin

    Rhonda Vincent - What Ain't To Be Just Might Happen

    Shannon McNally - Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys


    Allison Russell - Nightflyer 

    Amy Speace & The Orphan Brigade - There Used to Be Horses Here

    Carsie Blanton - Love & Rage

    Emma Stevens - Light Year

    Juliet Lyons & Cameron Russell - Glad You're Here

    The Local Honeys - Dying to Make a Living

    The Magpies - I Never Will Marry


    Bella White - Just Like Leaving

    Beth Lee - Waiting on You Tonight

    Cindy Alexander - While the Angels Sigh

    Ella Grace - Reverence 

    Lauren Housley - Girl From The North

    Paula Cole - American Quilt

    Tele Novella - Merlynn Belle

    Vanessa Peters - Modern Age


    Ashley McBryde - Velvet Red (Never Will_ Live From A Distance)

    Emily Moment - The Party's Over

    Karen-Lee Batten - Drinkin' Song

    Raechel Whitchurch - Finally Clear

    River Kittens - Illinois Boy

    Various Artists - Johnny Cash_ Forever Words Expanded

    Shannon McNally - I've Always Been Crazy


    Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters - New York _ Open Up Your Door

    Charlie Marie - 40 Miles from Memphis

    Dana Romanello - Cowgirl on a Carousel

    Jamie Lin Wilson - T Total Tommy

    Katie Jo - Pawn Shop Queen 

    Maggie Rose - What Are We Fighting For

    Rachael Brady - Gone Gone Gone

    Tracy Coster - Southerly Change


    Allison Russell - Nightflyer

    Amy Helm - Breathing

    Annie Brobst - Where We Holler

    Cristina Vane - Nowhere Sounds Lovely

    Peggy Seeger - First Farewell

    Rachel Baiman - Cycles

    Rosanne Cash - The Killing Fields

    Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud +3


    Amanda Cook - Narrowing The Gap

    Ashleigh Dallas - Good & Bad Days

    Ashley McBryde - First Thing I Reach For (Never Will_ Live From A Distance)

    Brigitte DeMeyer - Seeker

    Caroline Jones - Come In (But Don't Make Yourself Comfortable)

    Esther Rose - How Many Times

    Hannah Juanita - Call Yourself My Man

    Katie Jo - I Don't Know Where Your Heart's Been

    Katie Jo - Pawn Shop Queen

    Lanue - Lanue

    Lucinda Williams - Country & Folk

    Miko Marks & The Resurrectors - Our Country

    Reney Ray - À l'ouest du réel

    Sara Watkins - Under the Pepper Tree

    Sunny War - Simple Syrup


    Bad Flamingo - Raised You Right

    Casi Joy - The Money

    Charlie Marie - El Paso

    Cristina Vane - Travelin' Blues

    Dani Nash - Dani Nash

    Katie Jo - How Soon

    Loretta Lynn - Still Woman Enough

    Mandy Rowden - Parachute

    Melissa Carper - Daddy's Country Gold

    Sara Petite - Rare Bird


    Bobby Dove - Hopeless Romantic

    Jack Ingram - Tin Man

    Lake Street Dive - Obviously

    Laurence St-Martin - Prendre le temps

    Les bouches bées - Les trous dans les cœurs

    Shaela Miller - The Devil In You

    Tiera - Tiera

    Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno - Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno


    Alyssa Trahan - Baby Blues & Stilettos

    Garrison Starr - Girl I Used to Be

    Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra - Migrants

    Janis Ian - Unreleased 2_ Take No Prisoners

    Lindsay Foote - Guarded Heart

    Liz Simmons - Poets

    Rhiannon Giddens - They're Calling Me Home (with Francesco Turrisi)

    River Kittens - Atlantic City


    Ashten Akins - Alone in Love Again

    Hailey Whitters - Living The Dream (Deluxe Edition)

    Hali Hicks - Pollyanna

    Melissa Carper - Back When

    Olivia Ellen Lloyd - Loose Cannon

    Shannon Hynes - Standing Me Up

    Suzanne Butler - Not Gonna Worry

    Victoria Bailey - Skid Row (Acoustic Live at Jazz Cats Studio)


    Jade Brodie - Making History

    Kaitlin Butts - How Lucky Am I

    Lainey Wilson - Sayin' What I'm Thinkin'

    Lily B Moonflower - Moonflower

    NinaLynn - Hummingbird


    Anna Elizabeth Laube - Annamania

    Tracy Millar - I'm Not 29 No More


    Dale Ann Bradley - Things She Couldn't Get Over

    Janis Ian - Strictly Solo

    Jessica Pearson and the East Wind - Burden to Carry

    Macy Martin - Strange Times

    Taylor Swift - the ladies lunching chapter

    Woman Believer - The World and Nothing


    Brigitte DeMeyer - Seeker

    The Gina Furtado Project - Gone

    Jenee Halstead - Disposable Love

    Karo Laurendeau - J'aurais voulu être Johnny Cash!

    Kimmi Bitter - I Need You

    Kimmi Bitter - Take Me Back

    Lilly Winwood - Time Well Spent

    Little Big Town - The Dawn Collection

    Mary Chapin Carpenter - The Dirt and the Stars

    Reney Ray - À l'ouest du réel

    Soul Thrivers - You Better Watch

    Tami Neilson - CHICKABOOM!

    Tony Trischka & Catherine Russell - Shall We Hope


    Aimee Mann - Bachelor No. 2 (Or, The Last Remains of the Dodo) (Product Version 20th Anniversary Edition)

    Cristina Vane - Badlands

    Jenee Halstead - Disposable Love

    Melissa Carper - Makin' Memories

    Mylène Vallée - Namasté


    Carter Sampson - There's Always Next Year

    Diamond Dixie - Growing Wings

    Kerri Watt - Neptune's Daughter

    Never Come Down - Better Late Than Never

    Posey Hill - First Train

    Sunny War - Can I Sit with You_

    Zoe & Cloyd - Paper Crowns


    Becky Warren - The Sick Season

    Cristina Vane - Old Played New

    Dale Ann Bradley - Things She Couldn't Get Over

    Jenny Reynolds - Any Kind of Angel

    Kelley Swindall - California

    Kelley Swindall - You Can Call Me Darlin' If You Want

    Maria Dunn - Joyful Banner Blazing

    Sylvia Rose Novak - Bad Luck


    Carly Johnson - Carly Johnson

    Carsie Blanton - Be Good

    Ella Grace - Reverence

    Esther Rose - Keeps Me Running

    H.C. McEntire - Eno Axis

    H.C. McEntire - 'Til I Get It Right

    Hillary Klug - Howdy Y'all

    Kerri Watt - Chapter One

    Lulu and the Black Sheep - Bones