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Welcome to Trekstation,

In a few weeks all broadcasts of Trekstation will stop.

Due to technical problems with their server, my stream provider disables the server in June. 

The five Trekstation-channels were created together with my dear friend and colleague Jeffrey Willems. But on a sunny spring-day in 2022 he unexpectedly had a heart attack and passed away … How I still miss him.
After a year of struggle and hard labour to keep all channels on-air, together with the recurring technical issues I had to decide to give up our beloved Trekstation project.

Virginiamusic was my soloproject before I worked together with Jeffrey on Trekstation .

From now on, I will be working on Virginiamusic to continue to draw attention to jazz.



historical overview

Previous channels on Trekstation:

Trekstation Café Elle

Trekstation the classical lounge

Trekstation douces

Trekstation grooves 

Trekstation hike

Trekstation jazz                                    

Trekstation lounge

Compiled by Jeffrey; a mainly French “floating music” channel

Compiled by Jeffrey; an accessible classical music channel

Compiled by Martin; a sweet French music channel

Compiled by Martin; a “lazy” pop-jazz channel

Compiled by Martin; a country and folk channel

Compiled by Martin; a vocal jazz channel

Compiled by Jeffrey; a chill-out and lounge channel